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Recent Air Monitoring Reports Contact
Wildfires in Eastern North Carolina (Pains Bay & Juniper Road) Jim.Bowyer
    Final Report
    Data Set
Assessment of USA Today Report on Air Toxics and Schools Lori Cherry
Evans Road Fire Jim.Bowyer
Apex Hazardous Waste Facility Fire Jim.Bowyer
    DAQ Final Report
    FINAL Wipe Sampling Report
Metals and Particulate Study at Galvanizing Facility Jim.Bowyer
    Final Report
    Addenda - as requested
Canton Odor Complaint Investigation Jim Bowyer

Archived Air Monitoring Reports Contact
Rulemaking Proposal to Amend the Hydrogen Sulfide
Acceptable Ambient Level
Lori Cherry
Salisbury Air Quality Study on Asphalt Facilities Lori Cherry
Mercury Sampling / Mercury Updates Jim.Bowyer
Waccamaw Atmospheric Mercury Study Jim Bowyer
Chemical Characterization of Aerosols & Fine Particulate Matter
in the Airshed at Pamlico River
Jim Bowyer
Matthews, NC Toxic Air Pollutants Survey Report Jim Bowyer
Benzene from Asphalt Load-Out, 1998 Jim Bowyer
Formaldehyde Study Lori Cherry
Lightweight Aggregrate Kilns Lori Cherry
Polyurethane Foam Maufacturing Lori Cherry
    Initial Investigation (Report of January 25, 1995)
    Pollutants Characterization (Report of March 14, 1995)
Bulk Petroleum Tank Storage Facilities Lori Cherry
    Paw Creek I
    Paw Creek II 1 of 5
    Paw Creek II 2 of 5
    Paw Creek II 3 of 5
    Paw Creek II 4 of 5
    Paw Creek II 5 of 5
Lenoir NC Area Lori Cherry
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