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Emission Reduction Credits Banking Program Contacts

For questions regarding emission reduction credits applications or new or modified air quality permits that may be required prior to submitting applications to create and bank, use or transfer emission reduction credits, please contact the following:

Regional Office (non-Title V facilities):
See web link for contacts: http://daq.state.nc.us/about/regional/

Raleigh Central Office (Title V facilities):
Permits, William Willets, William.Willets@ncdenr.gov, (919) 707-8726

For questions regarding the emission reduction credits registry, please contact the following:
Permits, Sammy Amerson, Sammy.Amerson@ncdenr.gov, (919) 707-8470

For questions regarding the emission reduction credits rules, please contact the following:
Planning, Joelle Burleson, Joelle.Burleson@ncdenr.gov , (919) 707-8720

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