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Air Quality Permits
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  • List of all permits [PDF]  [XLS]
  • List of Title V permits [PDF]  [XLS]
  • Map of facilities with Air Permits
  • Application forms & instructions
    Download forms and instructions to apply for an air quality permit.

    Open Letter to Permitted Community [PDF]

    Specific Permit Conditions Regulatory Guide
    Find specific permit conditions for emission sources subject to MACT, GACT, NSPS, NCAC.
    Annual Compliance Certif. Form  [PDF]  [XLS]
    Notice of Intent to Construct
    Obtain detailed information on construction activities that may be undertaken prior to securing an air permit.
    NSR Permitting
    Find current applications, recent permits & reviews, and guidance regarding permits issued under NSR regulations.
    Permitting Procedures Memos and Guidance
    View DAQ permitting memos and guidance documents.
    Download and use these spreadsheets to aid in the calculation of emissions and perform control device analysis.
    Permit Fees Schedule
    View current DAQ permit and application fees.
    Modeling & Meteorology
    Get assistance with meteorological modeling as related to obtaining an air quality permit.
    Draft Permits/Reviews Related to Public Notices and Hearings
    View draft permits and engineering reviews related to future public hearings.
    Active Air Permit Applications Status Reports
    View a list of all air permit applications currently being processed by DAQ.
    Emissions Reduction Credits
    This program provides for the creation, banking, transfer, and use of emissions reduction credits for NOx, VOC, SO2, PM2.5 and NH3.
    Emissions Estimation
    Obtain forms and other information concerning estimation of potential emissions for permit applications.
    112(j) Permitting Program
    Obtain detailed information about who is subject to the NCDAQ 112(j) permitting requirements including permit application requirements.
    North Carolina Air Toxics
        ●    Information related to the Director's Call
    Permits Without Zoning
    Air emissions sources must notify the public before applying for air quality permits for new or expanded facilities in areas without local zoning ordinances.

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