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Clean Smokestacks Act Mercury and CO2 Provisions Workshop
Held at McKimmon Center April 19-21, 2004
The Clean Smokestacks Act (Sections 12 and 13) require the Division of Air Quality to complete studies and prepare a series of reports on mercury and CO2 regarding potential additional controls, and associated costs, with recommendations to the Environmental Management Commission (appointed body that manages and oversees NC's environmental programs) and the Environmental Review Commission (a Legislative committee of elected officials that has planning and oversight of the environmental programs and future legislation). The Division has completed the first reports in September of 2003 (on this web page) and will present the second (an update) in the series in September 2004. The final report(s), with recommendations, will be issued by September 2005. These sessions were presented as part of a fact finding and stakeholder process pursuant to those reports and the eventual recommendations.

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