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Commute Options

Air Awareness

  • The Air Awareness Program is a public outreach and education program of the Division of Air Quality with local air quality programs across the state.

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What's the Problem?

  • Why should you care about air pollution? Air pollution can harm everyone's health and damage the environment. Air pollution can lead to breathing problems such as asthma and emphysema.
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Air Quality Forecast

  • See the future. Know the air pollution levels the day before they happen. Click below to go to our Air Quality Forecast Center.
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Protect Your Health

Take Action!

  • Ozone and particle pollution, the two biggest air quality concerns in North Carolina, come from many of the same sources, primarily motor vehicles and industry.
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Teachers & Students

  • Teachers! Let us help you teach a class, add to your Professional Teaching Standards portfolio, and meet all the NC essential standards.
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Turn Off Your Engine

Employer Resources

Additional Information & Links

Save money, relieve stress, catch up with that book or report... all of these are great reasons to find another way to get to work and around town!

And while you're saving money, you'll be saving the environment. Cars cause air pollution and global warming pollution. Air pollution from cars even comes down in rain and causes water pollution. Plus, the less gasoline we use, the less petroleum we need to extract and ship by pipeline, tanker, and truck.